Andrew Cuthbert - Bsc MBA

Co-Founder & Director of Innovation

Having developed over £1BN in products, Andrew Cuthbert is a natural-born innovator.

With extensive working knowledge of IP in early-stage and established businesses, Andrew has been involved in patents and wider intellectual property development in a variety of industries developing everything from consent tech, to proton therapy solutions, to space satellites. By working closely with our companies, his main focus is to support the creation of a roadmap to success, solve conceptual and technical problems and develop far reaching strategies to help an idea reach it’s full, market potential.

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Favourite Quote:
“Know Thyself” – Plato. The “gadfly,” among us are destined to question the very nature of reality itself.

Favourite Book:
The Novacene by James Lovelock. Lovelock at 99 argued that the age of humankind is over. Artificial Life already rules!

Greatest Challenge:
Never being satisfied. I have a constant hunger to create impact.

Greatest Success:
Coming Soon… A £10Bn fund valuation!

Greatest Success:
To Be “The Change,” I want to see in this world.