Gavan Wall - LLB

Co-Founder & Fund Manager

Leading Barrister turned entrepreneur with multiple successes in trading businesses, serial entrepreneur and Angel Investor Gavan Wall hosts a chart-topping podcast and provides life-long coaching for high-level individuals across the world.

Carrying out his role as the fund manager, he personally ensures the fund itself is successful. His steady hands and explosive energy is a formidable combination in protecting and driving The Change forward.

Favourite Quote:
“It’s your choice.” I end every Speed Mentor Podcast with these three words which were first said to me by Mr. Olympia Dorian Yates back in 1998. They changed the course of my life. I believe that when you realise the power to create change is in your hands nothing else can hold you back.

Favourite Book:
The Chimp Paradox by Prof Steve Peters. This book’s a game-changer and if you do some deep work alongside reading it you’ll develop an unstoppable mindset.

Greatest Challenge:
Facing a financial wipeout in 2009, forcing me to live in my sister-in-laws back bedroom with my wife and children for five years.

Greatest Success:
Bouncing back more resilient and even stronger than before, building multiple successful businesses including The Change.

Greatest Success:
To challenge limited mindsets and pave the way for the new Northern Ireland.