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– Agent of Change
– £Billion mindset



Our money acts as the catalyst which drives change to business and mindset. We are VENTURE CATALYSTS not just venture capitalists.

We believe that there are many great founders with ideas who need more than just capital to flourish. We combine our capital, skills, and knowledge to transform start-ups from early stage to growing and successful businesses.  We select our investees based on their openness to the power of transformation that The Change brings.

We not only invest capital but also provide a full suite of transformational change, delivered through a structured approach. We provide business strategy, technological innovation, IP insights, personal development, scale strategies, and financial management to take our Investees to next level. We believe that the best way to protect and grow is to ensure that, prior to investment, there is synergy and alignment between The Change and investees.

Uniquely we issue both a Term Sheet and The Change Transformation Sheet. The Term Sheet will outline the deployment of capital in the usual way, while The Change Transformation Sheet will lays out the transformational support we’ll provide to our Investees.

At The Change, we identify investees with least weaknesses and the greatest vision.

We then prepare a plan to supplement any weaknesses and upgrade the vision. Thus, we enhance our ability to deliver successful outcomes from investment to our exit.


Agent of Change


To facilitate this transformation, we will deploy an Agent of Change to a key non-executive position in each portfolio business.

The appointment of an Agent of Change to each investment is critical. This appointment is not just a placeholder. 

Rather, it is a core element of the transformation that The Change will deliver.

Our Agents of Change will have industry-specific knowledge or other expertise and skills that will supplement and complement our Investees. Therefore, they’ll be in the best place to help business succeed.

The Agent of Change will oversee a transformation budget, which will be implemented through regular Board Meetings, Strategic Transformation Sprints, defining and achieving milestones. We will deploy the very best people from the sectors of interest. 

Our Agents of Change will add significant weight to the Investee journey. Additionally, they will increase the value proposition as we deliver the Investee to the next stage of the journey to a £billion valuation. 

We don’t just place cash, spin the roulette wheel, and hope we’ve backed a winner. We’re vested in deed through our Agents of Change to be strategic, supportive, and a positive challenge to our Investees.

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Catalytic & Right Capital


We invest up to £2.5M into founders and businesses which are ready to undergo the change.

This will be based in part on the valuation determined by our Team of experts at the time of investment.

Additionally, we will remain cognisant of the amount of capital that will be required to support our Investees from investment to our goal – whether that be leading to next fund raise investment, our 10X target, exit, or strategic acquisition.

We will support our investees in achieving their milestones. We create a bubble of support but also, importantly, accountability.

Our goal is to 10X every investment round during its journey with us, before potentially following on our investment to maximise fund growth.

18-36 Month Journey To Change


We invest in people with ideas that have the potential to change the world and become £billion businesses.

Our aim at the outset of every investment is to 10X the valuation when we exit a portfolio business. The Change makes an investment only if it believes this is possible and move from £million mindset to £billion mindset.

Our transformational journey with each business is to take them from ‘early stage business’ to next level and achieving global scale in next few years with unmatched growth trajectory. Our aim is to create huge transformational change.

We don’t invest to move the needle and create just a trading business. This journey is very precise, exhaustive and focussed on visualising the long-term destination of next “unicorn” status.  Alignment with our founders is critical to our investment thesis.

As we set out, we align ourselves with trade winds to have Investees, committed to achieving that next milestone in the corporate journey.

Our success will be measured through smashing the milestones we have set.

£ Billion Mindset


The Change backs founders with ideas that will disrupt industries, that will change the world, and are £billion opportunities.

In the early stages, it can be difficult to define who will succeed. Therefore, we test the founders based on our x4 core values of Legacy, Leadership, Quality, and Sacrifice. These are the values that we believe are necessary to maintain a £billion mindset.

Prior to investment decisions, we spend a minimum of three days with Investees to determine whether their values align with those of The Change. Then we set about identifying, seeding, nurturing and growing that £billion mindset.

We work through a series of ‘horizons’ that founders will undertake during their 18- to 36-month transformation journey with us.

We also ensure that there is a £billion horizon beyond their journey with The Change. Successful completion of horizons with us will often be matched with staged investment as milestones are achieved.

When we deposit our founders at Series A or B, we ensure that they have the necessary mindsets for an additional fourth horizon, where revenues, profitability, or data potential can take them successfully through to a £billion valuation.

This is important for our investors as we may follow on our money. Although every business will not reach £billion status within the 10 years of our fund, the structured journey aligned with the dream will result in better performance, greater achievement, and higher returns.

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Who we invest in


It can be easy to get lost in the nitty-gritty details each VC firm offers, so we’ve created the following checklist to help you decide if we’re the right fit for you.

Who we invest in:

– People with ideas that have the potential to change the world
– Million-pound ideas that with our help could become billion-pound companies
– Individuals with our x4 cores values
– Businesses that we can add transformational value to

What we invest:

– Up To £ 2.5 million which could be spread across different tranches
– Lifelong coaching and mentoring for the initial founders
– A dedicated, industry-expert to support their business – Agent of Change
– Development of mindset, strategy, business model and IP – Innovation as a service

Before we invest we:

– Spend at least 3 working days with founders
– Carry out our financial and personal due diligence
– Analyse their business plan
– Hear a series of pitches from the founders
– Prepare them for the transformational journey ahead