Hoofit intends to disrupt the buying and selling of horses, and through a radical innovation create a new market for horse ownership outside of the super rich.

Through enabling owners to sell up to 49% stake in their horses the platform will ensure the welfare of a horse while transforming the animal into what is effectively a digital asset.

There are many parameters involved in the valuation of a horse and Hoofit begins its journey with creating accurate valuations at its core through the Public Estimated Value (PEV).

Through democratising the equine industry and enabling more people to own shares in horses we can in fact enhance and expand it.

Horse health will be dramatically improved through the deployment of heart health monitors across the animals who are managed by the system and in addition all animals sold via our system will all be checked by a VET.

Full traceability of animal from foal through entire life as Hoofit will track lifetime of horse and will know how has owned/touched/trained/bought/sold horse.

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