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Despite being the finance arm of The Change we work closely with our sister companies The Change Innovation Services & The Change Transformation Services. We often come across interesting companies on that journey who are interesting to funders.

Each aspect brings differing opportunities:

Our Innovation Services company brings in opportunities across geographic boundaries. A mix of well established companies, late stage investments and earlier stage organisations who are seeking capital for a variety of purposes.

We have come upon these companies in working with them to conceptualise their innovation strategies and to execute those visions as part of a wider business picture.

Our Transformation Company brings opportunities to invest in what are generally early stage companies focused on profoundly world changing ideas.

These companies are setup often with the purpose of making a tangible world changing difference by exceptional and passionate founders who have not yet got the expertise around them to appropriately execute their business visions.

We bring inspiration along with perspiration supporting the formation of exceptional teams which will then go out in the world to execute the change they wish to see in the world.

Many of these companies can only be invested in through The Change Venture Capital so to find out more get in touch.

The list of companies are below:
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