The Change Venture Capital Limited is a Company Limited by Guarantee. Its brand is registered with the IPO as a trademark under number UK00003419487 and is a one-stop-shop for funding support.

We are registered with FCA under our EuVECA license with FRN 849825.

Founded by High Velocity Entrepreneurs we speak the language and maximise investor and founder value.

We invite collaboration from all types. We understand that most people will prefer to engage in particular elements of our enterprise rather than the whole gambit and as a result we break down our mission into consistent parts.

We understand that there are millions of places to invest your money each with a different promise of return. What makes us different is that we work hard to ensure you’re investment brings a return of more than money.

We provide regular digital updates and in-person meetups, you’ll have the opportunity to follow the progress of your investments, be part of our community and become an Agent of Change.

Changing the world isn’t just a gig for charities, non-profits or social enterprises. With business being the most effective vehicle for solving problems, we believe there are massive opportunities to impact billions of lives and create billions of value in the process. In other words, we’re focused on establishing businesses that lead to human flourishing and leave the world a better place as a result.

We welcome fund investments between £100k-£5m.
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Our 6 Pillars are as below:


– Billion Mindset
– Start Up Studio Model
– 18 month and 36 months Business Accelerator programs

Agent of Change

– Board formation
– Executive formation
– Start Up Studio Model

Capital Investment

– Pre Seed
– Seed
– Series A
– Beyond

Capital Partnerships

– Debt
– Equity
– Innovation

Innovation funding

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Value Add Services

We are not just Venturing Capitalists, We are Venture Catalysts.

We believe there are many great founders with ideas who need more than just capital to flourish. We pool capital along with our skills and knowledge to transform startups from idea to scale. Many founders seek cash, but we only invest in those who are open to the power of transformation The Change brings.

We invest capital but we also provide a full suite of transformational change, delivered in a structured approach. We provide business strategy, technological innovation, IP insights, personal development, scale strategies and financial management to take our investees from seed to Series A and beyond. Your investment is our priority, and we believe that the best way to protect and grow it is to ensure that there is synergy and alignment between The Change and Investees prior to investment.

To that end we will issue both a Term Sheet and The Change Transformation Sheet. This is unique in the venture market. The Term Sheet will outline the deployment of capital in the usual way, but The Change Transformation Sheet will describe the process we expect our Investees to go through.

All Investees have weaknesses, and venture capitalists try to pick the ones with the least and place their bets. At The Change we we identify those with the least weaknesses and the most extraordinary vision and prepare a plan to supplement any weaknesses and inform the vision, enhancing our ability to deliver successful outcomes from investment to our exit.

Agent of Change

We will deploy an influential value add Agent of Change to a key non-executive position in each investment we lead.

The appointment of an Agent of Change to each investment is critical. This appointment is not just a placeholder but a core element of the transformation which The Change will deliver.

Our Agents of Change will have industry specific knowledge, or other expertise and skills, which will supplement and complement our Investees, so they’re best placed to succeed. The Agent of Change will manage a transformation budget, which will be implemented through regular Board Meetings, Strategic Transformation Sprints and milestoning.

We have gathered the very best across multiple sectors including gaming, energy, life-science, personal development and business strategy who are ready to be deployed into our Investee companies.

Our Agents of Change will add significant weight to the Investee journey. Additionally, they will increase the value proposition by delivering them to the next stage of their journey to £billion valuation. We don’t just place cash, spin the roulette wheel and hope we’ve backed a winner. We’re vested in deed through our Agent of Change to be strategic, supportive and challenging to our Investees.

We bring investor funds up to the table in each Investee.

The amount and level of funding will be based in part on valuation by our Team of experts at time of investment. But also being cognisant of how much capital will be required to support our Investees from investment to our goal, whether that be series A investment to generate 10X, a debt based return on capital deployed and ESG investment, exit or acquisition. You as a partner will have the choice to invest and tag along with a particular investment thesis.

Investment will be tranched as required based around detailed milestones, which are agreed with our Investee and Agent of Change prior to investment.

We will support our Investees to achieve the milestones. We create a bubble of support but also importantly accountability. In some cases our goal is to 1000x the investment during its journey with us, in others its to meet with an ESG mandate. We offer the potential for follow on investment funds to maximise fund growth through strategic partnership. We will over the future provide partners with access to grouped fund investments under our mandate with our EuVECA license and FCA registration.

18-36 Month valuation accelerator (optional)

We invest in people with ideas that have the potential to change the world and become £billion businesses.

Our aim at the outset of every investment is to 10X+ the valuation within a set period of 18-36 months. The Change only makes a commitment if it believes this is possible.

Our transformational journey with each startup is to take them, from founder with an idea, to Series A or B investment in London, Silicon Valley or Singapore in 18-36mths. Our aim is to create huge transformational change, we don’t invest in companies at this level just to move the needle and create a safe trading business. This journey is very specific, detailed and the focussed on visualising the long term destination of billion pound status and then start the journey by building towards Series A or B at £5-20million in 18-36mths.

Alignment with our founders is critical. As we set out we all know where we’re headed. Investees, the Transformation Team at The Change and the Agent of Change are all committed to achieving that next milestone in the corporate journey.

Our success will be measured through the realisation of the milestones we have set.

The Change encourages founders to develop for benefit Billion mindsets and encourages them to develop ideas that will re architect how products are sold, disrupt industries, and radically change the world. These are the worlds £Billion opportunities to make a positive change in the world.

In the early stages it can be difficult to define who will succeed so we test the founders based on our values of Legacy, Leadership, Quality and Sacrifice. These are the values we believe are required to have £billion mindset. We spend a minimum of 3 days with investees prior to investment decisions to determine if their values are aligned with The Change and then we set about seeding that £billion mindset.

We work through a series of ‘horizons’ founders will undertake during their 18-36mth transformation journey with us. Also ensuring there’s a £billion horizon beyond their journey with The Change. Successful completion of horizons with us will be matched with staged investment as milestones are achieved.

When we deposit our founders at Series A or B we ensure that they have the mindsets for an additional fourth horizon where revenues, profitability or data potential can take them successfully through to a billion valuation. This is important as we may follow on our money. Although every business will not reach £billion status within the 10years of our fund, the structured journey aligned to the dream will result in better performance, greater achievement and higher returns.

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