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Is a Company Limited by Guarantee. Its brand is registered with the IPO as a trademark under number UK00003419487 and is a one-stop-shop for funding support.

We are registered with FCA under our EuVECA license with FRN 849825.

The Change recognizes that companies on a pathway to change require bespoke financial services, support, and financial guidance along the journey.

To design the right type and level of financial support, we must get to know your business better. For example, particular companies require project financing, others debt, others equity, others are looking for grants, while others need cashflow support tools.

Others, of course, are looking for the perfect exit strategy and we can support at that level too.

The devil is always in the detail. We understand the difficulties entrepreneurs face in navigating a complex web of funding sources with an equally complex and highly differentiated set of risks and challenges.

The type of capital must always be right for the business.

In some deals, we are simply a friendly intermediary connecting the parties and ensuring a solid match while in others we take front and center stage as the lead investor.

In any case the first stage is to get to know your business and define how we are going to work together.

We aim to support value addition to your business, retention of as much equity in the success of your venture as possible while also ensuring business continuality.

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Financial and Commercial

The team will work to ensure the highest standards of financial preparation for funding rounds and ensure adequate governance based on the stage of investment.

The firm will bring in its accounting experts which include experts from a diversity of industries to challenge the logic of the business model assumptions so as to protect investee and investor from launching into the wrong mode of business.

Areas of Funding

Our team has experience in delivering diverse funding options, including bank funding, PE, VC, IP funding, leveraged debt acquisitions, innovation funding, and sales-driven funding.

We know what adds real value to the bottom line and how to execute deals quickly and efficiently by ensuring that our clients put their best foot forward towards their future strategy.

Our team manages multiple funds that may or may not be appropriate for the business depending on the stage, level of risk, the time needed to fund, and the long-term strategy of your business. You may or may not know what type of funding you require at this time.

Don’t worry. Get in touch with us and we will get the right person to support you on your journey.

Seed Capital

Sometimes a founder has little more than an idea and all they feel they need is the money to execute it.

We disagree!

Often, founding a business means finding that early-stage hook that a founder requires to bring clarity to their business.

We are here to work through the dilemmas of early-stage and pre-revenue business models to ensure that our founders not only get money but also value add expertise as part of the model.

Startup Studio Model

Famously used by Rocket Internet & Invoke Capital, bringing experience and expertise around a founder can massively improve the business’s traction and capacity for rapid growth.

The list of companies that have succeeded under this model includes many of Europe’s unicorns Dark Trace, Sofia Genetics, Hello Fresh, Delivery Hero. But equally famously, the model has seen many founders lose out on businesses, perhaps because they didn’t have the experience to grow quickly as the company expanded.

Our Startup Studio is designed to support founders in their personal growth, and their businesses, encouraging big thinking and bringing in the technical, market, and sales know-how to execute, ensuring a clear and robust vision for excellence.

This development process has not been an easy one, with many learnings along the way, as are documented in our News Section.

Venture Capital

For many, Venture capital is a game of multiples. As a result, venture capital often bet big, allowing for risk through hedging multiple bets.

We can’t claim to be any different on that. All said, we act as a glue and single point of contact as a lead investor for those investments that our partner VCs know needs support and leadership at a practical level.

Private Equity

Our team members have significant experience working with Management Buy-Outs, Employee Ownership, Mergers, and Acquisitions.

Through this expertise that lies with our partners, we can support businesses of all types with the resources they need to ensure a successful outcome.

Businesses change, and whether a Startup or a well-developed organization with decades of trading, we can help you by bringing in the right skills to ensure you make the correct decisions during what will be a life-changing moment in any business journey.

So whether you are planning to buy, sell or expand a business through acquisition, we are here to help.

Aquisition Funding

Business Re-Structuring, Deal Advice, and integrations support post-deal are all potential parts of the package when you engage with The Change.

Acquisitions can be funded in many ways, debt and sales being a few. Unfortunately, there is no single approach, so why not contact us to find out if we are the right partner for you and your team.

ESG Alignment

ESG is an over used term.

Greenwashing is rife, and it’s making it hard for investors to select the businesses that do what they say on the tin.

Organizations that are for the benefit and driven by purpose in alignment with profit. For the business that seeks structure around environmental and social goal setting and the appropriation of the proper governance techniques, we are here to help.

Debt Funding

Money is a consequence, and cashflow is king.

Buzzwords that for many don’t seem aligned but for us are absolutely so.

Many a business of purposes has lost its way financially resulting in the loss of what could have been a world changing company.

Whatever your financial need you may not wish to take equity funding and may prefer a route similar to a traditional bank where you pay a rate of interest on the money you require.

Mixed Funding

There isn’t always a simple answer!

We want to give you the right one for your business, and we aim to ensure you get the right mix of debt, equity and innovation support to suit your business and personal needs.

We will find the right answer and the right positioning for you.

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