Andrew Cuthbert (Bsc, MBA, FCA)


Having developed over £1BN in products, Andrew Cuthbert is a natural-born innovator. With extensive working knowledge of IP in early-stage and established businesses, Andrew has been involved in patents and wider intellectual property development in a variety of industries developing everything from consent tech, to proton therapy solutions, to space satellites.

By working closely with our companies, his main focus is to support the creation of a roadmap to success, solve conceptual and technical problems and develop far reaching strategies to help an idea reach it’s full, market potential.

Position –

Agent of Change, Co Founder

Greatest Success –

Humbled by the amazing journey I have had to get here but my greatest successes are yet to come!

Greatest Challenge –

Never being satisfied. I have a constant hunger to create impact.

Definition of Success –

To Be “The Change,” I want to see in this world!

Favourite Quote

“Know Thyself” – The “gadfly,” among us are destined to question the very nature of reality itself.


Favourite Book

The Novacene by James Lovelock. Lovelock at 99 argued that the age of humankind is over. Artificial Life already rules!

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