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Our Team

Responsibility starts at home and our team are core to a solid environmental social and governance policy. We believe we must invest first in our people so as to create a team which shares our consideration of the ethics involved in our privileged position to impact and shape the lives of our investees, founders and the wider public and society.

Investment includes internal and external training opportunities for all, as well as opportunities for personal growth and fulfilment inside and outside work.

Our Investees

Our investees whether invested in via time, money or both are the core value we can bring to the world. These organisations will use time and capital to impact the world as a whole and as a result we must ensure we take the upmost care and act compassionately in supporting the growth of the companies we engage with.

Our investees take significant risk in their quest to fulfil their mission of change in the world. Often impact and ethics can be conflicted and we must support and mentor our investees to make the right decisions so as to ultimately benefit our wider society.

Our Agents of Change & Founders

Our Agent of Change network are a group of amazing and insightful people and this network needs nurtured to become a force for good in the world. From early stage founders to late stage impact makers all our agents are on a quest to make a difference on our planet and we must bring these aspirations together via a change maker collective that makes a genuine change for good within our society.

The difficulties and stresses on these inspirational people is great and as a result we hope to support, pick up, develop, challenge and inspire these individuals. Regardless of the eventual outcome their quest for change is a road worth passionately walking and fighting for.

The Ecosystem

Not everyone starts out a change maker and it is our responsibility to enhance, develop and grow the ecosystem so as to leave a sustainable and repeatable legacy through inspiring future generations of change makers. We will work with groups of diverse backgrounds so as to enhance the mix of the ecosystem encouraging social mobility, neurodiversity and ethnic and sectarian diversity at all levels in our programs.


The aim of every change maker is to make an impact on those who are not fortunate enough to have access to their innovation, which is crafted and designed to make society a beer place. We support the proliferation of companies that are fundamentally for benefit in their quest to change society and our planet for the beerment of all life.

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